Kwame Adu

Kwame Adu

My Favorite Song: Seattle

This rapper, singer, and producer is from New Jersey. Kwame writes with a clear vision, whether that’s about personal experience, family history, or ways of living. Their debut solo album, Shinji, is an inventive combination of personal experience and cultural appreciation. He has said that his debut album is his life story leading up its release.

He is also one half of KWAMZAY. When together, Kwame Adu and ZAYALLCAPS bring a dynamic chemistry that produces hits. When performing live, they feed off each other’s energy and flawlessly trade verses. These two are special talents.

Kwame’s ability and energy make him stand out at any performance. Many of his close friends have seamlessly collaborated with him out of their shared love for music and creation. He is a genuine person trying to share his visions and story with the world. His imagination is boundless and the future holds exciting music that’ll surely impress.

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Future Sight (Gendo’s Song)
Directed by Alf Bordallo @alf.bordallo

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