With many smaller shows or opening slots, artists will play for a crowd that hardly knows them, if at all. I was introduced to most of these artists by seeing them perform. They left a lasting impact that made me follow and want to learn more. I have seen artists at all skill levels and these performers set themselves apart from the start.

First Impressions Matter

Kwame Adu



Producer, singer, and rapper hailing from NorCal, Zay is the second half of KWAMZAY. Much like their counterpart, Zay’s individual discography is a showcase of their style and talent.




Sister singer-songwriters who express immense emotion with their voices and composition. Drawing from personal experiences, their music is relatable and real.




Kabwasa is an artist guaranteed to get you on your feet and dancing. His music is a mix of funk, rap, R&B, and soul. Their most recent album, Supa Heavy Funk, showcases their singing, falsetto, and contagious energy. Stardom is in sight for this talented performer.

My Favorite Color


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