My Favorite Track: Nice Out

An incredibly talented independent “surfunkadelic” artist hailing from Santa Ana. Known and celebrated for his distinct style and unmatched musicality, he has managed to captivate audiences. His debut album Squiggly N’ Giggly has received praise and adoration from fans. One of the standout tracks on the record is the fan-favorite ‘STEEZ LUÍZ,’ a mesmerizing composition that showcases his extraordinary creativity.

Every live performance is an awe-inspiring spectacle, leaving the audience yearning for more. Supported by an exceptionally talented band, the synergy they create on stage is nothing short of remarkable. From the mind-blowing guitar solos to the locked-in drum solos, they effortlessly demonstrate expertise and skill.

Guspy is best enjoyed on a sunny day drive with the windows down.

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Hesh Girl – Live at Bummerfesst 2021

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